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Zheng Duoyan with Dayeonsu debut in Taiwan《The Pretty Woman》

2017-04-10 13:29:37 Author:dayeonsu

        March 16, 2017, Dayeonsu founder of the brand, Zheng Duoyan, Queen of Asia slimming teacher, was invited to participate in variety show Taiwan《The Pretty Women》 Live recording. The show on April 6th at nine pm in Taiwan popular Channel - TVBS grand broadcast in Taiwan, home and abroad rave reviews. Active interactive sharing.

        Zheng Duoyan teacher with ten Pro Dayeonsu and co host of Lan xinmei brand research abroad, this recording, Zheng Duoyan teacher brought a new concept of downsizing, advocate healthy new life movement, interactive scene and host and audience of more than enthusiastic, audience hop aerobics, hey turn the whole scene.

       Program to record the scene, Zheng Duoyan teacher and Taiwan famous artist, 《The Pretty Women》 host Lan Xinmei field interaction, teacher Zheng Duoyan on my own experience to the audience share for keeping healthy and daily maintenance of the site, she advocated the audience to develop good living habits and diet, pay attention to. Develop a good habit of healthy exercise, adhere to the 3 minute jump 7 points to eat every day, is the best way of maintenance program for the body, the scene, Mr. Zheng Duoyan brought a new sports aerobics, glamorous aerobics, attracted the audience to imitate.

        The recording scene, by Zheng Duoyan teacher more pro Yan Shou ingot research probiotic enzyme has become the focus of attention, according to the relevant data, many enzymes of Yan Shou probiotics ingot, detox, whitening has good effect, enzymes are produced in the ingot ingredients on the origin, scientific collocation, natural extraction, 5000-5 rich trillion of probiotics and regulate the intestinal flora, intestinal virus, clean up, containing Nestle core components of Phase-2, blocking the body heat absorption, Pepsi core formula Fibersol-2, accelerate the burning of calories, probiotics ferment ingot, your side of the nutrition and health weight management specialist.

        It is reported that Zheng Duoyan the teacher according to their years of maintenance and fitness experience, created a series of healthy diet, exercise, exercise any part of the body, to help you quickly create a good figure, such as full of rhythm of aerobics, help the body burn fat fast; alone distinctive dumbbell exercises, build with a dumbbell slimming purpose; Zheng Duoyan slimming exercises to help you keep fit, fast shaping; yoga mat exercises to exercise the abdomen, abdominal fat burning; Zheng Duoyan aerobics because the action is simple and effective. Once launched, it will be loved by the beauty of the people, quickly swept the major websites at home and abroad, for the world to bring the gospel of obesity.

         It is reported that the Taiwan variety show "The Pretty Women", intended for women to create, to the most beautiful woman, by the Taiwan star Lan Xinmei hosted the program content, Madden, fresh and popular fashion, let women quickly restore glory self-confidence. In order to become a highly concerned about the performance of a female audience Taiwan variety show.

        Zheng Duoyan 《The Pretty Women》 at the scene, to bring a new idea to the health and fitness Taiwan women, aged 50 years old age teacher Zheng Duoyan still maintained a girlish charm was admirable, attitude, keep moving and happy state of mind, and teacher Zheng Duoyan as easily have a good body!