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Zheng Duoyan debut in Taiwan《Legend Of Hot Queen》 show, Dayeonsu new concern

2017-04-10 13:22:52 Author:dayeonsu

  March 28th, the Asian slimming queen Zheng Duoyan debut Taiwan transit integrated platform to participate in the hot variety show 《Legend Of Hot Queen》live recording. The program group invited Zheng Duoyan teacher to decrypt the secret love breast, the teacher is in the field of the program live big breasts exercise, and the active interaction of the host and guests sharing.

 It is reported that, Legend Of Queen has been launched in Taiwan for 12 years, the host Li Jing Thean Hou Temple hot topic for women. Programs to help women solve the troubles of life mainly for women lit a beacon light. Program in Taiwan in 2005 was broadcast on the acclaimed, and even once jumped into one of Taiwan's most popular hot variety show.

  At the beginning of the show, Legend Of Queen host Li Jing invited guests to share the scene of the scene of their own breast artist story. Then in the cheers of the crowd, the Asian slimming queen Zheng Duoyan teacher appearance, led the scene of the guests to jump up their own research on how to make the chest stronger exercise. Zheng Duoyan teacher breast exercise attracted many guests sought after.

  According to the author, Zheng Duoyan is through their own slimming breast experience, developed a set of chest exercises can make a stronger, not only to lose weight but also breast. In today's society, there are more and more problems in the majority of consumers in front of the chest, troubled many congenital ptosis due to postpartum flat chest, chest problems of consumers. Adhere to the multi Zheng Yan breast exercises can not only help you build a strong chest, so that the chest is more healthy, more can emit toxins, improve skin texture, shape elastic skin tight, and can help people to establish good habits and maintain the healthy state of light.

With the end of Zheng Duoyan teacher breast exercises, the program also invited a well-known nutritionist introduced the bird's nest papaya kudzu root tablets, which is a breast enhancement products. Zheng Duoyan is not only the thin queen of Asia, but also the founder of the Dayeonsu brand. Bird's nest papaya Ge Gen tablets containing bird's nest, Ge Gen, papaya, longan and Lily and other natural ingredients beneficial to human breast.
  Nutritionist also introduced that this product formula fully adopted the Chinese medicine, Qing, tune, fill the principle, while the drug and food homology of the functional health products. The use of ultra low temperature extraction technology of the bird's nest papaya root, fully guarantee the effectiveness of the active ingredient, and the ingredients of scientific collocation, cooperate with each other, play a synergistic role. The introduction of a nutritionist led to the applause of the guests.

  The Legend Of Queen invited Professor Zheng Duoyan Professor breast site, not only to promote the exercise of the chest can make stronger, but also to change the real life of women on the neglect of the chest. To make their breasts plump and strong is an important manifestation of every woman's health. The teacher Zheng Duoyan fulfills, methods to promote breast health, so that the majority of women benefited.