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Dayeonsu debut Chinese star girl in the second quarter finals, designated slimming brand.

2016-12-21 19:32:50 Author:dayeonsu

  Recently (December 17th), Chinese star girl season second national finals and awards ceremony was held in Beijing Pierre hotel. As the full participation in the contest designated slimming brand, Dayeonsu to Scarlett at the scene. This is following the world Supermodel Contest, world beauty contest only designated brand slimming prize, Dayeonsu once again dabbling in large-scale events.

  Chinese star girl by the Beijing Star Television Culture Co., Ltd. joint domestic well-known network platform, launched a nationwide selection of outstanding film and television talent show large network, aimed at mining dream, have the potential to movie stars, to inject fresh blood into the China film industry development.
Dayeonsu is Dayeonsu slimming services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.'s weight management brand, from South Korea, the International English name Dayeonsu, is the only partner in Asia slimming queen Zheng Duoyan slimming field in china. Dayeonsu adhering to the "30% sports +70% nutrition" health concept, product distribution radiation to the entire Asia Pacific region.
Since 2015 brand listing, Dayeonsu attaches great importance to cooperation with major brands. In July 6, 2015, in cooperation with the well-known domestic taxi platform drops travel, ushered in the DayeonsuO2O cause fission; July 7th, in cooperation with the domestic mobile Internet giant millet strategy, the introduction of a new model of Dayeonsu weight management; October 18, 2015 sponsored China College Music Festival, April 24, 2016 - Iverson China sponsored bazaar charity fund star dinner. Not long ago, Dayeonsu also won the 2017 world Supermodel Contest only designated brand slimming qualification.

  Unlike previous participation in the world beauty contest, Dayeonsu hand in hand Chinese star girl second season for Chinese local talent show. Dayeonsu is a healthy and beautiful industry, and Chinese star girls have a higher fit, become the game's designated slimming brand and debut finals further highlights the brand strength of Dayeonsu.