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Dayeonsu new blockbuster release, bird's nest Pueraria papaya tablets suction eye into focus.

2016-12-21 15:31:45 Author:dayeonsu

  On November 12, 2016 industry watches Dayeonsu second NLP one thousand peak type leadership coaching, shanda kicked off. Higher-ups in starlight, and the festival, Dayeonsu puerarin papaya tablets, launch new products - Dayeonsu bird's nest is more dazzling.

 New listing links is Bo eye, beautiful models with elaborate products has become a beautiful landscape, the scene saw Dayeonsu again a boutique agency, the heart of emotion understanding of Dayeonsu shows between the lines, with the function of bird's nest Pueraria papaya tablets, is full of pride, they have great confidence in this product. Believe that the corporation can do this product.
  Dayeonsu angel investor Angel brother contrast this product particularly love, he said: has been, our female friends long-term chest sagging, narrowing and other symptoms. And with endocrine disorders, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and other phenomena, this is in addition to the influence of all kinds of pressure, in fact the biggest hidden killer, is less than the female hormone in trouble. Authoritative experts said that the balance of female hormones in women, is to maintain a key factor in women's chest charm. The female hormones have a certain content in the human body, need outside intake to supplement the female hormone, the bird's nest Dayeonsu Pueraria papaya tablets and we launched, is to solve this problem and launch. Dayeonsu bird's nest Pueraria radix puerariae, papaya, papaya is rich in bird's nest and other core components, is used to supplement the female body needs of female hormone effect of breast Pueraria as everyone knows, already recognized by industry experts, and Papaya contains rich dark elements, help the absorption of protein in the human body, the protein can promote the development of the chest and the core function of this product is breast enhancement, can also solve some common problems encountered for female friends, freckle, beauty, Dayeonsu angel angel brother believe that this product will be recognized by the market, consumers are female.
  A healthy life is always an eternal pursuit of women today are the same topic, for a long time, a female friend has long been a variety of diseases interference and confusion, various diseases emerge in an endless stream of sub-health state is obvious, for today's Amy, is undoubtedly the biggest killer, and the hidden risks of various physical problems, let us and at a loss what to do with the pressure now, increasing, we often ignore these questions cause the most fundamental.
Dayeonsu, a long time, has been committed to providing consumers with a healthy lifestyle, the efforts to launch new products, but also to the idea of a better practice, slimming products before the launch of the Dayeonsu tablet probiotic fruit, is Asia slimming queen Zheng Duoyan Pro for ten years research, combined with the father of Mr. Pu Shijun introduced Korea probiotics for the conscience and is committed to the Asia enjoy healthy people crowd to provide a full range of weight management program.
Innovation and development, people-oriented has been the consistent pursuit of the Dayeonsu concept, is committed to provide consumers with a more healthy life, the introduction of new, more pro Gong practice this idea, the concept of consumption in today's rapidly changing market environment, the wave mouth and the cutting edge of Dayeonsu has been standing in the era, the development direction of engine industry the Dayeonsu will be able to believe in the future to a new height.