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Dayeonsu unveiled the 2017 world supermodel competition

2017-05-22 09:46:44 Author:dayeonsu

      2017 world Supermodel Contest China championship finals in Chengdu in May 11th. Qingchengshan was held as the most well-known international beauty pageants, supermodel of the world has attracted much attention from the local moment, it is worth noting that, as a smart social weight management of the world's leading brands Dayeonsu, for three consecutive years to become the only designated slimming contest the brand, widely circulated in the diet industry. 



       According to my understanding, as a world-class Supermodel of the world three beauty pageant, is the world's top supermodel of the world organization of the United model broker organization, intended to create the world's most influential model selection and promotion event, as the world's best occupation model ties to the world's supermodel, has always been regarded as the cradle of the world model is the birth of the top supermodel. As an international beauty pageant high department, figure for each model is crucial, Dayeonsu support, a strong force for thin models, Dayeonsu for three consecutive years to become the world supermodel only designated brand slimming, demonstrates the incomparable Dayeonsu brand strength and brand charm.



      After months of hard competition, Chinese Supermodel of the world championship finals finally ushered in the most important stage, from all corners of the country's beauty pageant, fight for the dream supermodel finally ushered in an important victory, the models will be the fashion photos, show, spot personality play a series of competition, finally will compete the big Supermodel Contest, exciting content is worth looking forward to.



        In 2017 China Supermodel of the world championship finals, Dayeonsu participate in the process of Dayeonsu belongs to the health and beauty industry, has a high degree of fit with the world supermodel, the game became the designated brand slimming and debut finals further demonstrates Dayeonsu's brand strength.

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