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Dayeonsu199 vegetarian meal blockbuster advent, breakthrough health substitute meal favored.

2016-12-09 15:30:25 Author:dayeonsu

  In November 12th, much industry attention Dayeonsu2016 second NLP thousands of coaching leadership training peak, grand kicked off the event, Dayeonsu angel angel brother, Tianlong Global Holdings Ltd. founder Junke fan, Chinese coach NLP college instructor Ya Li Ruan teacher went to the site, and the Dayeonsu agent who join the event, create a stunning visual feast of the industry, the event, Dayeonsu launched the new heavyweight, the advent of new Dayeonsu199 vegetarian meal, become the focus of attention for the event, Dayeonsu has been in the industry maintained a high exposure rate, frequent moves, the advent of new products, in the industry set off a new round of hot.

  Dayeonsu has been committed to providing comprehensive weight management program for the Asian slimming health professionals, continue to provide innovative products to meet their needs for consumers, for consumers to guarantee the health and life, Dayeonsu Dayeonsu said the angel angel brother committed to rendering healthy life for consumers of the blueprint, meet user diversification, more convenient, more healthy life. Dayeonsu probiotic fruit flavored tablets had launched a series of products and are striving for this goal, and the launch of new products, we experience through research, to the industry's top health experts exchange many times, from consumer advice, and the introduction of conscience products, we can set off the health industry revolution.
Dayeonsu199 vegetarian meal is an epoch-making product, it is a meal replacement products, all kinds of rich nutrients needed by the body, oats, barley, rice and other selected 199 kinds of ingredients, to provide a more balanced and complete nutrition for human body. Instant, convenient and healthy adults. For the elderly, Gorgon fruit, Chinese wolfberry, white sesame Dayeonsu199 vegetarian meal contains the soybean dietary fiber is in good quality of elderly longevity. As for the children, all kinds of nuts, Dayeonsu199 vegetarian meal contains walnuts, which can fully Jiannaoyizhi brain vitality. And this innovative products, joined the weight-loss material, for beauty, but also a good choice. Adhere to the use, not only to shape the perfect body, but also for consumers to create a new way of life and attitude to life".

  The new debut link, particularly eye-catching, live agents who saw Dayeonsu launched new blockbuster, are excited, excited. The advent of new products, more firm people do Dayeonsu confidence!
In the demand of consumer oriented, health industry has become an important starting point for the products of consumer choice, product innovation has become a major challenge in today's enterprises, how to grasp and meet consumer demand for consumption is increasingly changing, starting from the fundamental interests of consumers, become a modern enterprise based on fundamental and survival. Whether before the introduction of Dayeonsu probiotic fruit flavor film or the introduction of Dayeonsu199 vegetarian meals, are reflected in the Dayeonsu grasp the pulse of consumers, walking in the best embodiment of the times foreword. As Dayeonsu angel investor Angel brother said: in the premise of consumer demand oriented, we Dayeonsu has been adhering to the values of innovation, development, and constantly meet consumer demand for consumer,". We have reason to believe in the future, Dayeonsu will be able to continue to meet the market and consumer demand for conscience products.