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Charity donation Dayeonsu transfer social love

2017-03-13 14:21:34 Author:dayeonsu

  March 11, 2017, Dayeonsu brought 3000 family members in Taiwan, donated Tourette disease association, support a day for Taiwan's children !


  Health has always been a hot topic and a focus of discussion, As a conscientious enterprise with social responsibility, Dayeonsu has been involved in public welfare undertakings, With its own strength, to assume more social responsibility, The Taiwan dealer meeting. Do not forget the heart of entrepreneurship, Dayeonsu site to Taiwan rare disease Foundation launched a donation of 100 thousand yuan nt, Used to support the construction of the medical level of the local rare diseases in Taiwan, Taiwan, to support the children's day.


  Dayeonsu enterprises keen to support charity, for the donation of love to highlight corporate social responsibility, establish a good image of the industry. Dayeonsu relevant responsible person also said that Dayeonsu will continue to continue to health and public welfare activities, as a strong sense of social responsibility of the enterprise, Dayeonsu will be carried out in the end of social health and public welfare!



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