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Dayeonsu challenge world Guinness. 3000 man dummy challenge charm strikes!

2017-03-17 14:23:27 Author:dayeonsu

Guinness world record challenge, it is interesting, challenging, ornamental and become the focus of modern entertainment, with the constant concern of people's health and the continuous development of health industry,The challenge of health in the Guinness book of world records has become the most important concern for the people of the world,and the Dummy challenge because of its dramatic, changing, creative, can be combined with a variety of actions to perform, has become a hot project Guinness challenge.


  It is reported that in March 11, 20173000 people of Dayeonsu Taiwan  family, from all sides together to dance Dayeonsu health Aerobicsto participate in the challenge of dummies, declare the world Guinness record, focused by the industry and the media.


  The Dayeonsu health aerobics dummy challenge created a miracle Guinness challenge in scale and Challengers’ number. At the event site , orderly, 3000 Dayeonsu family, follow the rhythm of live musicdynamic or static, expression and posture, perform a variety of actions, like a dummy appearance, 3000 people in common to challenge the Guinness world record challenge, of great momentum and humorous!

  It is reportedDayeonsu adhering to the "30% sport 70% eat" health concept, has been committed to providing consumers with a healthier lifestyle, bring the gospel of beauty to many people. Currently Dayeonsu products have been spread to Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of the Asia Pacific region. The Dayeonsu health aerobics dummy challenge is not only the best embodiment of the health of consumers, but also set a benchmark for the entire health industry!

  Apply for the world Guinness world record with 3000 people dummy challenge, Dayeonsu once again proved himself with action, the dream is not out of reach. Believe that in the future Dayeonsu will continue to create miracles for us, let us wait and see!


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