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Dayeonsu international health cause global launch conference (Taiwan station) successfully held

2017-03-13 14:17:15 Author:dayeonsu

 In March 11, 2017, Dayeonsu international health conference in Taiwan shocked the global launch station curtain, Father of weight loss in China、Angel investor angel Dayeonsu,The two presidential medal, the father of Portsmouth Shijun, probiotic enzyme micro electricity supplier experts, micro network Gong Wenxiang, Taiwan red first hip hop day group combination Jiuyiyi, big coffee together, star studded. 3000 local dealer conference, instantly become the focus of attention in the industry.

Entering the global market, Dayeonsu is a leader in the health industry

“Nuggets trillion thin market, Dayeonsu is to stand in the forefront of the industry to enter the global market, Dayeonsu to do health industry leader", Dayeonsu angel angel angel investors in Taiwan 3000 dealers conference, saidTaiwan, but we are the first step into the world, Dayeonsu will seize the opportunity in 2017, deep roots in Malaysia, Singapore and other Southeast Asian markets, continue to maintain strong momentum of growth in the industry. The two sides of the strait a family together to win a dream to win!

3000 man challenge  Guinness world record
  As the Taiwan summit of the most exciting part is the dummy challenge, 3000 dealers to the world at the same time Guinness launched the strongest sprint, the scene was very shocking, the impact of the eye, the scene of more than 3000 dealers, with live music, or dynamic or static, Dayeonsu aerobics competition, the perfect interpretation of the dummy challenges and innovative performances, grabbed the audience's heart!

Global health career launch ceremony opened
  Health has been a global hot topic and focus, the health industry has become the Internet industry, health industry rose also rose to national strategies, become a pillar of economic development in the future, Taiwan 3000 dealer meeting, Dayeonsu global health shock starts, the layout of the global health market, indicates that the new Dayeonsu the advent of the opportunities!

Charitable donation  Dayeonsu deliver social love
  As a social responsibility of the enterprise conscience, Dayeonsu has been engaged in public welfare undertakings, by virtue of their own strength, to assume more social responsibility, the Taiwan dealer meeting, entrepreneurs do not forget the beginning of the heart, the Dayeonsu field to the Taiwan rare disease Foundation initiated the donation, the level of medical support construction of Taiwan local rare diseases.
  The scene is to launch a love donation to the Tourette Syndrome Association, for the children of Taiwan to hold up a day, Dayeonsu love donation, the community for all to see. Thanksgiving society, Dayeonsu has been on the road!

Dayeonsu Angel site selection   The most beautiful angel ready
  The Taiwan dealer meeting, Duoyan Angel selection extremely Bo eye, to participate in the selection of the contestants through talent, catwalk series competition, after the judges carefully, the final race of the most able to represent the Dayeonsu brand image of "angel", Duoyan Angel represents the Dayeonsu brand concept and brand image, will be in the future Dayeonsu brand activities play a bigger role in the.

  Dayeonsu International Health Global Initiative conference, Dayeonsu will join a global health with a more strong momentum in the global market, the drum has been sounded, the new market pattern has come, the future will belong to Dayeonsu!

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