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  • Harder and luckier . Dayeonsu 2nd Anniversary celebrates at Shanghai headquarters

    June 1st is the international Children's Day, is Dayeonsu listed 2nd Anniversary anniversary. As the world's leading intelligent social weight management brand, Dayeonsu focuses on one thing - weight management. "3 points jump 7 points to eat" healthy weight management concept has been popular around the world, has been vigorously promoted and implemented. Intelligence, health, conscience, weight loss, love, service and health, Dayeonsu international health has made positive progress.

  • Focus on Cannes: Slimeat together with Dayeonsu showed up in Cannes International Film Festival

    22th May 2017,the 70th Cannes International Film Festival hosted in Cannes of French has attracted 20 movies come from 13 different countries and been ready for competing for the final Golden palm award .As the most famous fashion and film pageant in the world , how many bright points are there on earth which deserve to be focused on in this big pageant ? Let us see it together below .

  • Dayeonsu unveiled the 2017 world supermodel competition

    2017 world Supermodel Contest China championship finals in Chengdu in May 11th. Qingchengshan was held as the most well-known international beauty pageants, supermodel of the world has attracted much attention from the local moment, it is worth noting that, as a smart social weight management of the world's leading brands Dayeonsu, for three consecutive years to become the only designated slimming contest the brand, widely circulated in the diet industry.

  • Zheng Duoyan with Dayeonsu debut in Taiwan《The Pretty Woman》

    March 16, 2017, Dayeonsu founder of the brand, Zheng Duoyan, Queen of Asia slimming teacher, was invited to participate in variety show Taiwan《The Pretty Women》 Live recording. The show on April 6th at nine pm in Taiwan popular Channel - TVBS grand broadcast in Taiwan, home and abroad rave reviews. Active interactive sharing.

  • Zheng Duoyan debut in Taiwan《Legend Of Hot Queen》 show, Dayeonsu new concern

    March 28th, the Asian slimming queen Zheng Duoyan debut Taiwan transit integrated platform to participate in the hot variety show 《Legend Of Hot Queen》live recording. The program group invited Zheng Duoyan teacher to decrypt the secret love breast, the teacher is in the field of the program live big breasts exercise, and the active interaction of the host and guests sharing.

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