Power MP3 Recorder is a program that can record any sound into a MP3 or WAV format audio file directly to hard disk. With a simple and intuitive interface, you can record your sound easily and quickly.

What can Power MP3 Recorder do for you?

  • Record from your cassette tape directly into MP3.
  • Record any voice from MIC directly into MP3.
  • Record from CD audio directly into MP3 while playing.
  • Record from any other sound line in such as radio , TV , CD Player directly into MP3.
  • ...

Power MP3 Recorder supports MP3 Bit rates from 32kbps to 320kbps. One second of the lowest bit rate(32kbps) MP3 recording will only cost you about 4k bytes disk space, while one second of wav format will cost you 175K bytes disk space.

Power MP3 Recorder supports Queue Recording. You just tell it when and how long, it will record for you automatically.

Power MP3 Recorder supports playback function, you can listen what you have recorded immediately.

Power MP3 Recorder supports continued recording, which means you can record new sound into existing audio file at whatever position you want. The file ends with the new sound.