Command Line Option

Now we support five types of command line parameters.

  • -f  specify file name of the recording
  • -t  specify the time you want to record (seconds)
  • -h  set this if you want to hide the program into tray icon after started
  • -q  set this if you want to quit the program after the recording
  • -a  set this if you want to use auto name function to generate recording file name

Here are two examples to show how to use these parameters.

ex1. mp3soundrecorder.exe "-f c:\dir1\subdir1\filename.mp3" -t500 -h -q

It means to record 500 seconds sound into file "c:\dir1\subdir1\filename.mp3", and after program started, hide to tray icon, after recording complete, quit the program.

ex2. mp3soundrecorder.exe -a -t5

It means to record 5 seconds sound into a file which name is generated by auto name function, and after recording complete, just stay there.