STEP 1:Load audio file to MP3 Sound Cutter

Click button to load the source file.

STEP 2:Find and mark the segment that you want to cut

Now you can playback the source file to find the beginning and end position of the segment you want to cut.

This is the track bar, with this you can seek quickly.

is the track button, you can seek by dragging it.

is the playback control bar.

  • to seek to the beginning of the sound file directly.
  • to begin playback.
  • to pause playback when playing , to resume playback when paused.
  • to stop playback.
  • to seek to the end of the sound file directly.

is the segment select control bar.

  • to mark current position as the beginning of the segment.
  • to mark current position as the end of the segment.
  • to make the complete sound file as the segment.

Unregistered version can only mark segment of length not longer than 60 seconds, registered version will have no limit.

, the GREEN LINE on the track bar shows current segment information.

After you have marked the segment you want, first preview it.

  • to play the segment only.
  • to seek to the beginning of segment directly.
  • to seek to the end of segment directly.

STEP 3:Cut out

is the cut out button, click it, a form like this will be shown:

Then decide which format of audio you want to export and check the options if you want.

Click this button, choose the file name of exporting file.

STEP 4:Wait the cutting procedure complete

Just sit down and have a couple of coffee, the procedure will be seconds or hours.