Digital audio now can be found everywhere due to the evolution of Internet. Every computer user has his own collection of digital audio, these audio files may be copied from other's computer or converted from your CD, tape player or recorded from your microphone or Internet. Sometime you may find that not the whole audio file is useful, you may only be interested in a little segment of these files. Is there any tools that can cut out the segment only you want from the big audio file, so that you can manage your audio files more easily and save your hard disk space at the same time ? YES ! MP3 Sound Cutter is a powerful tool of this type.

Main Features

  • Real time mp3/wav encoding/decoding
        No disk space will be used when cutting mp3 files, some audio editor may convert mp3 format audio to wav first, it will greatly consume your disk space, for one minutes wav format audio costs about 10M bytes disk space.
  • Simple and easy user interface
    Everybody can know how to cut files within 5 minutes.
  • Time precision of millisecond
    Millisecond precision fulfill even professional needs.
  • Direct fade-in/out function supported
    Build-in fade-in fade-out function makes it easy for you to do some simple effects to your audio segment.
  • Output mp3 bit rate ranges from 32 to 320 kbps
        Fulfill all kind of mp3 audio files, farthest preserve your audio sound quality.
  • MPEG I/II Layer I/II/III audio format supported
    Supports almost all kind of mp3 audio files
  • Batch Cutter
    When you want to cut many files at one time, this function will be greatly useful. 
  • Two time displayer mode(millisecond/second)
    For different length, use different display modes.
  • Spectrum analyzer
    When playback audio files, spectrum analyzer will help you find the right audio segment position.