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About  JungDaYeon

South Korea, the hottest slimming queen, was born in November 27, 1966, the current height of 162 cm, weight 49 kg. She is a mother who has 2 child . From 70 kilograms of bloated body to 49 kilograms of bodybuilding. She is known as the "Miracle of the flesh," "Healthy body hot mom", "Asian slimming queen".

JungDaYeon thin story

She has raised two children, coupled with the pressure of life and other aspects, JungDaYeon at the time of weight suddenly soared 70 kg. Excessive obesity caused acute low back pain, in order to health, JungDaYeonyi decided to start weight-loss plan, and ultimately succeed,and has a perfect curve, sexy body.

JungDaYeon weight-loss success in spread in the district she lived, a lot of women came here especially to ask for weight loss methods, and raised hope that JungDaYeon could personally refer to them to lose weight. Later, various well-known newspapers, magazines, radio, television have reported her successful weight-loss experience, all of a sudden made JungDaYeon became the hottest Korean, more known as "MOM CHANGE"(perfect Body of people). Even after two years,it was introduced by Korea High School textbooks, and JungDaYeon who had a "healthy body" was also introduced.

2011, "JungDaYeon storm" spread to China, JungDaYeon founded a series of weight-loss exercise and Dayeonsu, was an unprecedented pursuit of numerous networks, reported by television media,admired by stars including Wang Han, Huang Zheng, buy Hongmei, Xie Nan, Yu Xiaotong, Fang Qingzhuo.

JungDaYan event

May 7, 2016
JungDaYeon charitable donation giant panda 100 thousand yuan, leading the Chengdu public marathon, help protect the cause of national treasure;
April 27, 2016
Hunan satellite TV, "I am a big beauty": teacher JungDaYeon portrait recommended summer thin book;
April 21, 2016
JungDaYeon led the all star team, and Iverson together to help 2016Dayeonsu bazaar Charity Night star;
March 13, 2016
JungDaYeon airborne Shenzhen satellite TV, spicy mom college, Zheng slimming Gymnastics World premiere;
March 9, 2016
JungDaYeon airborne Hunan Changsha, Dayeonsu brand detonated Hunan tv;
November 2015
JungDaYeon was invited to serve as the 2016 world super model contest invited the judges and form consultant;
October 18, 2015
JungDaYeon attended the Chinese University Music Festival WuHan Railway Station, and was awarded the Chinese University Music Festival campus health ambassador";
September 20, 2015
JungDaYeon attended Dayeonsu Korea second charter trip, with fans to dream night;
August 2015
JungDaYeon served as the official "send you a" warm winter Yushu donation charity ambassador to Yushu, and in September of the same year and send love;
August 7, 2015
JungDaYeon invited to accept a number of media interviews, including the China news network, video giant Youku, Chinese fashion and other authoritative media;
May 26, 2015
JungDaYeon attend Dayeonsu Korean charter activities, and officially announced the release of New South korea;
May 18, 2015
JungDaYeon attended the Dayeonsu Asia Pacific new conference in Beijing, officially announced 10 years of Pro research products Dayeonsu officially listed;
February 2015
JungDaYeon announced the joint father of Chinese weight loss Angel brother officially entered the global weight loss market, to create a new brand - Dayeonsu;
March 2014
Invited to Beijing, Xinhua News Agency hosted interviews hosted by host Zhang Jiao;
March 2014
Go to Shanghai, Hangzhou to participate in public health slimming program recording;
November 2013
China, hit series "freaky story" 15 sets and 18 sets for Sun Li stars such as JungDaYeon slimming dance practice;
September 2013
Accept CCTV invitation, recording "let dream fly";
July 2013
Invited to Beijing Chaoyang Park, led thousands of fat friends, Qi dance dance;
October 2012
Wang Han presided over the recording of "every day";
September 2012
Recording He Jiong teacher presided over "I am great beauty";
June 2012
"Good queen teach you to create the perfect curve" published;
February 2012
Record Shenzhen satellite TV "era show";
February 2012
Successful weight loss stories included in Korean high school textbooks;
July 2011
The third interview with South Korea's largest public television KBS;
April 2011
Launched the JungDaYeon downsizing Daren diet stretching;
May 2010
Published downsizing diet premium;
2008 1 - November
South Korea's largest private television SBS invited JungDaYeon production weight-loss battle program, successfully guide more than 1000 users to lose weight successfully.


1, the only access to well-known media for 14 years sustained attention
2, the only He Jiong, Wang Han jointly recommended
3, the only creation of local weight loss action
4, the only successful weight loss I recorded tutorial
5, the only non rebound weight loss suit
6, the only real video can provide weight loss dance