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Forgery-Proof Inquiry

Dear customers:

Thank you for your support and understanding all the way. Recently, our company has received many complaint calls from customers claiming that they have bought forgeries of “Dayeonsu” by online shopping. These websits carry out promotions by paid listing on search engines without our authorization and occupy keywords such as “Jung Dayeon diets”, which makes customers unable to find the only official website of our company,and they sell forgeries of “Dayeonsu” malic acid tablets and fruit dinner by network platforms as well.

To protect customers’ interest, our company has filed the case for investigation in judicial branches to effectively protect customers’ interest. Regarding forged packaging of Dayeonsu products appearing on the market, we now declare that our company only has two kinds of packaging pink and red on the market, and others are all forgeries. We request you to indentify “Dayeonsu” trademark and the forgery-proof code on shopping. Products without a forgery-proof code and Dayeonsu trademark are all forgeries. To protect customers’ rights and interests and our company image, please inquire by the forgery-proof label of Dayeonsu products.

In case of operational problems, please dial number400—188—5535,Our customer service staff will respond at the very first time.

Inquiry method of the forgey-proof label is as follows:

Check and Get awards


Any product of Jung Dayeon personal brand sold on the market is included in the scope of anti-counterfeting by our company. We welcome reports from all fans or agents. Our lawyers will make swift representations and reporters will be generously rewarded once verified.