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Add your language to Power MP3 WMA Converter !

Step One:
Check whether your language has already been supported, here is the current list:

  English done by CooolSoft
  Simplify Chinese done by YumeYao
  Korea done by Taewon Yun
  Macedonian done by Doctor Cekik
  Polish done by WaRzillA
  Turkish done by Ismail Aslan
  Hebrew done by Avi216
  Traditional Chinese done by Chongf

Step Two:
Download and install newest version (ver 3.3 or higher) to your computer, and you can find a directory named "lan" under installation directory of Power MP3 WMA Converter, we save language files in that directory.

Step Three:
Make a copy of en.ini (which is for English) to any filename but save it to the same directory, and open it with any text editor, and you will see the following format:


32771=Add &File F2
32772=Search &Dir F3
32824=Rip &CD
32773=&Remove From List Del
32805=&Select All Ctrl+A
32808=&Invert Select
32803=&Move Up
32804=Move &Down

Change Id to your locale LangID, if you don't know your LangID, use this little program to check. (Download LangID displayer Now)
Change Name to the language name to be shown under program language menu.

After that you can start translating the text. Here is some hint you should read first.

  • All the items in the file have two format, one is [***], that is read by program, so you don't need to change it; another is ***=***, the text before the equal mark is an identifier used by program, the text after the equal mark is really displayed. So just translate the text after the equal mark.
  • For menu text, Sometimes there is "&" mark between it, it is a mark to shortcut key character, for example, "&F" means it will be activated while pressing ALT+F. Sometimes there is a tab character between the text, it is also a shortcut key, for example, "Add &File[TAB]F2"(here we mark the tab character with [TAB]) means while pressing F2 key, this menu will be activated.
  • In some text, there is "%xxd" or "%s" between it, it is used by program. for example, "Total Elapse %02d:%02d:%02d", the first "%02d" will be replaced by program with hours number, and second is replaced with minutes number, and the third is replaced with seconds number. another example, "Can't convert to itself, from %s to %s.", the first "%s" will be replaced by program with source file name, the second is replaced with target file name.
  • In some text, there is "\n", that is also used by program, just leave it there.

Step Four:
Start Power MP3 WMA Converter to check your translation, click menu "Configuration"->"Language"->Your Language to apply your translation.

Step Five:
After everything is done, don't forget to send the translated file to us so that we can put your translation into our installation package.

Please send file to .

Thank you very much !